Ryan Vinci is a young American writer, born Ryan Anthony Michael Vinci, in Burbank, CA. He is anything but your typical, easily bought out artist. Brilliantly armed with the charismatic ability to savagely share some of the most utterly outlandish stories, Ryan Vinci can beautifully paint a vivid picture with words like no one else in this expansive universe.

His deep passion to write started back when he was just a young lad, around the age of seven. With just a pad and pen, he wrote to ease his worried mind and help manage the pain and chaos inside his soul. Growing up in a broken and violent household, writing out his dark thoughts was the only way to hold on to what little sanity he had of the proverbial ‘home.’

At the age of twenty, Ryan Vinci decided to not only pursue, but also dominate in the field of writing. He began to take his talent very seriously and started to hone his craft every waking moment. He wrote his first screenplay by the age of twenty-two and his second by twenty-four. By the time he was twenty-five, he started to write his first novel and by thirty he released “Sex, Drugs & Imagination” after five years of long and daunting hard work. Living only by rules of his very own, Ryan Vinci is chasing down a dream and expressing his wild desire with the most unbelievable stories this side of the Mississippi.